Adam Zamoyski
About Adam Zamoyski

Although born in New York, in 1949, Adam Zamoyski was brought up in England and spent much of his youth in other European countries. He was educated at Downside and read History and Modern Languages at the Queen’s College Oxford. He speaks French, Italian, Russian, and Polish.

Zamoyski’s family originates in Poland. His parents left the country when it was invaded by Germany and Russia in 1939, and were stranded in exile when the Soviets took it over at the end of World War II. Drawn to it as much by the historical processes at work there as by family ties, Zamoyski began to visit Poland in the late 1960s. His interest in the subject is combined with a feel for its connections to the history and culture of other nations, and a deep understanding of the pan-European context.

Zamoyski has avoided the ties of employment in academe, but he is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, of the Royal Society of Arts, and of the Royal Society of Literature.

Alongside his professional activities, Adam Zamoyski has always been profoundly concerned with cultural heritage, its preservation and popularisation.  He has worked on a number of projects, including the restoration and revaluation of the Czartoryski Museum in Kraków.

Adam Zamoyski is married to the painter Emma Sergeant and lives in London.